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Nanosaur Extreme 2.03


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Nanosaur Extreme 2.03 Review

You are a dinosaur (a Nanosaur to be exact) from the future who has traveled back in time to collect the eggs of 5 dinosaur species before the giant asteroid hits the earth. The primitive dinosaurs will attack you as you try to get their eggs, but just remember that it is for their own good that you blast them into oblivion! Being a dinosaur from the future, you are equipped with several pieces of
technology to help you in your mission. * Fusion Blaster: a multi-purpose weapon for killing things. * Jet Pack: For flying over things that might kill you. * Temporal Compass: for finding time portals. * GPS Locator: for figuring out where you are and where you should go. You can jump, swim, run around, jet around, shoot stuff, etc. The general rule to playing the game is if it moves kill it or it will kill you. You only have 20 minutes to collect all 5 egg species so being efficient about your actions is critical.

Program system requirements: 700Mhz processor, 64MB RAM, 15MB HD, 3D video w/16MB RAM, Direct X 8 & OpenGL

New in this version: - Uses less CPU time. - Static screens auto-close. - Fixed help screen not showing up. - Fixed problem with some serial #s not being recognized. - MS forced us to use .avi files instead of the better .mov files!. - Updated in-game help to reflect left handed additions and Q/Z jetpack usage.


Nanosaur Extreme

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3d, action, 3rd, person, fun, family, game, ifd, pangea, dinosaur, nanosaur,

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